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Hello friends.


I used to play only FIRE SUMMONER, WATER SUMMONER and DEATH SUMMONER when playing Splinterlands game.
I have only played DRAGON SUMMONER once in Daily Quest and never in Neutral.

This week, Splinterlands' SHARE YOUR BATTLE is to Play DRAGONS and Share your Battle Experience.
So, if I completed Daily Quest, I continued to play Battle with DRAGON SUMMONER.


Summoner and Monsters included in Mana Cap 13 in this shared battle are listed in the following columns.


DRAKE OF ARNAK is DRAGON SUMMONER Level 1, which consumes 4 Mana Caps and inflicts +1 Armor on Monster Team.

LIVING LAVA is a FIRE MONSTER Level 1 with Mana Cap 7, Malee Attack 3, Speed 1, Armor 2, Health 6 and Ability Shield.
It has a low speed of 1, but if we place it the first place on the Monster Team, it can attack capitally without including Magic Attacks in the Enemy Team.
Ability Shield content can reduce damage caused by Malee and Range Attacks of Enemy Team.
That's why I like LIVING LAVA featuring Malee Attack 3, Armor 2, Health 6 and Ability Shield.

NAGA ASSASSIN is DRAGON MONSTER Level 1 and costs Mana Cap 2 and includes Range Attack 1, Speed 5 and Health 2.
The fact that it has Speed 5, I like the speed of the rotating attack.
This battle is a DRAGON-oriented game, so I use my NAGA ASSASSIN to attack.

On the other hand, the Enemy Team uses the Earth Summoner Wizard of Eastwood with Armor-2 and the Monster Team uses Flesh Golem, Failed Summoner and Khmer Princess.

Below you can see the Battle of DRAGON AND EARTH below.

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Tin Aung Soe

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