Seasonal Activities on dCrops

Hello friends.

Today, dCrops has also moved on to the Winter Season.

I sold Carrot 14 Shares, Garlic 14 Shares and Pumpkin 24 Shares in dCrops last season.

CROP 33.08 were received for a total of 52 shares of that five kinds of crops.

There are Cabbage, Peas and Radish to cultivate at winter Season.

So, I grew Cabbage and Peas on two Fertile Lands and Radish on Average Farmland.

Cabbage will be Harvested after 10 days from Cultivated day.
Peas will be Harvested after 4 days from Cultivated day.
Radish will be Harvested after 7 days from Cultivated day.

My capitals in dCrops are $4 and 4.338 HIVE.

I am curtivating , harvesting and selling by one season regularly in dCrops.

How are you friends?

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Thank you for everything.

Tin Aung Soe

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