Receiving Luck only Cards; Common Cards Sell Listing and Adding Music Promotor Pool

Hello friends.
Have a nice day!

My Rising Star Level is reaching on 88 and I completed Missions 3393.
I currently have total 281 Cards in my Rising Star Game now.
I am continuing Rising Star Missions with permanent Fans 11215 , Luck 4454, Skill 20086 and Income Modifier 246.

This morning, I bought a new CardPack with Starbits 10000 .

The cards I received from the new CardPack are below:


  1. Rare card R197 RS PRO Distortion with Luck 50,

  2. Common card i8 Mid Range Mic with Luck 10 &

  3. Common card i75 Karaoke Mic with Luck 1 .

For this day, I opened Common NFT cards Sell Orders as below.


i52 Tanpura with Luck 1 for Starbits 360 and


i62 Raggae Drum with Luck 1 for Starbits 360.

Above the prices of my Rising Star NFT cards are the cheapest prices when I open Sell Orders.


I added Starbits 10000 to Music Promotor Pool for 1 week.
I don't know how I get Rewards from that Music Promotor Pool.
If you know about Music Promotor Pool, explain me please.

What do you want to advise?

If you want to start playing Rising Star, please use my Referral link.

Thank for everything!

Tin Aung Soe

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