Opening New CardPack and Common Cards Sell Listing

Hello friends.
Have a nice day!

My Rising Star Level is reaching on 88 and I completed Missions 3379.
I currently have total 280 Cards in my Rising Star Game now.
I am continuing Rising Star Missions with permanent Fans 11215 , Luck 4395, Skill 19886 and Income Modifier 246.

This morning, I bought a new CardPack with Starbits 10000 .

The cards I received from the new CardPack are below:


  1. Rare card R187 Chloe with Fans 50, Skill 175, Luck 5 and IM 5,

  2. Common card i76 Talking Drum with Luck 1 &

  3. Common card 87 Donna with Fans 10 .

For this day, I opened Common NFT cards Sell Orders as below.


87 Donna with Fans 10 for Starbits 600 ,


74 Alex with Skill 20 and IM 1 for Starbits 1200 and


i39 Cheap Electric Violin with Luck 1 for Starbits 320.

Above the prices of my Rising Star NFT cards are the cheapest prices when I open Sell Orders.

What do you want to advise?

If you want to start playing Rising Star, please use my Referral link.

Thank for everything!

Tin Aung Soe

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