Rising Star Journal #228 : Another Casual day for grinding STARBITS.

Hello everyone in the Rising Star Game and Blockchain gamming community. How are you guys doing? I hope you guys are all doing great and at the same time enjoys the music in Rising Star Game.

Its another day for my Journal Update on the Rising Star Game.


Another guitar Instrument was added into my cards collections. I had this at the price of 4200-4500 STARBITS range. For me its was a good deal. Getting and Instrument cards on that price is considered very good.

I added another one new unique card today. The R177 Pink Kit.


This card add 50 luck and some SKILL points increase in music lesson for the drum lesson. Which I never do but for the sake of collecting all the new unique cards I must buy this card at least one card for my collection.

Today's statistics report on @risingstargame📄

Current Stat :
👯‍♂️ Fans 193 802
🍀 Luck 36 139
🎸 Skill 605 197
📊 IM 3 423
🃏 Cards 3 074

Personal Completed Achievement 🏆

✅Target #2 Reaching 500 Minimum Skill Reward In Music Lesson (100% - 2022)
✅Reached 100 000 fan before the end of the year! (100% - 2021)
✅Reached 1000 STARBITS reward on Illegal Busking. (100% - 2021)
✅ Get to level 75 and unlock the Band Auditions mission (100% - 2021). 4 band member slot has been unlocked. (100.0% - 2021 ). 🎙️🎸
✅Have the Millionaire card. 100% 💸💸🌟STARBITS Millionaire Card🌟 (2021)
✅Reaching 1 000 Minimum Skill Reward In Music Lesson (100% - 28th Feb 2022)

Personal Target (Ongoing) 🏆

⬜(96.9%) Target #1 Reaching 200 000 fan before Q3 this year.
⬜(71.3%) Target #2 Reaching 2 000 Minimum Skill Reward In Music Lesson.

Highest STARBITS reward is 2 961 STARBITS
Lowest STARBITS reward is 61 STARBITS
Total mission done = 61
Total Music Lesson done = 2
Total Permanent Skill gained = 4 044
Total Permanent Ego gained = 3 701
Average STARBITS per mission = 1 281

A total of 61 only missions was done today. With this low mission count that I finished, It is obvious I did not hit the daily STARBITS gain.

Two hours of music lesson is already enough to cover all those ego that I get from the daily MISSIONS done.


Seven pizza slices was dropped today in between missions. The pizza drop really helps me in playing the game.

A total of 13 missions with low income which is below 500 STARBITS. A little bit low on daily low missions average count but considering overall missions done was less.

A total of 22 of missions with above 1 500 STARBITS was done today, Since its already more than the amount, It covered all the low income budget.

As a conclusion for today's progress,

More SKILL points gained than EGO gained. ✔️
STARBITS gained reached the average daily target. ❌
FANS and SKILL points stat increased significantly. ⭕️
Instrument card (guitar instrument card) : New card added. ❌

An average performance on the gameplay today.⭕️

My current rank as for today : 🏆#60: Managed to push my rank to the top 50s


My current cards collection 🎴 :

51 Crafted Cards: 957 Luck.
1 247 Instrument Cards: 29 877 Luck.

1 155 Guitar Cards: 28 374Luck
21 Drums Cards: 404 Luck
31 Keyboard Cards: 683 Luck
48 Orchestra Cards: 690 Luck
22 Production Cards: 337 Luck
69 Transport Cards: 119 Luck
21 Singing Cards: 346 Luck
1 708 Cards: 5186 Luck

69 Transport Cards: 17410 Fans, 119 Luck, 128 Im.
1632 People Cards: 176246 Fans, 5186 Luck, 156519 Skill, 3295 Im
4 Skill boost Cards: 31 Skill.
4 Festival Cards: 100 Fans.
2 Fan club Cards: 20 Fans, 5 Skill.


⭐️ STARBITS and STARPRO supply and demand ⭐️

📈Current Market Price (STARPRO) 📈


Highest Bid : 8.30000201 (Higher than yesterday)
Lowest Ask : 9.87969999 (Lower than yesterday)

📈Current Market Price (STARBITS)📈


Highest Bid : 0.00029999 (Higher than yesterday)
Lowest Ask : 0.00030137 (Higher than yesterday)

📈Today's STARBITS value in MYR


A unit of 10 000 STARBITS will be 11.64 MYR
And that's all for today's Rising Star Journal. Stay safe and don't forget to do your music lesson xD! Have a nice day everyone!

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Rising Star Game logo and writing was taken from the official website of Rising Star Game website.

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