RABONA #1: First day as a manager to TawadakFC24!

Thank you to @tommyl33 for sponsoring me on this Rabona blockchain gaming.

Today I am going to start my new career in the blockchain gaming as a football manager in my new team - TawadakFC24.

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While waiting for the next season 56 to start, I did some upgrade to our stadium facility.

Stadium upgraded - level 2
Catering services upgraded - level 1
Shop upgraded - level 1
Hotel upgraded - level 1
Parking lot no upgrade - level 0
Office Building no upgrade - level 0
Building Yard upgraded - level 1
Youth Academy upgraded - level 1
Training Center no upgrade - level 0


Did my first player scout. He will be playing with us for 4 season(s)

This is my first team to manage. A total of 12 players currently. Overall players is still in their teens.

And before our first match begin in 3 days, a set of training have to be done. So the first training is for the endurance. Because of the lack of substitute player, I need to train their endurance more so they can play longer on the field.

I may do some recruitment during this three days to get more player for substitute. I am just afraid some of our player getting injured in game and no substitute available.

We will see if these player performs good on the first match, then only I can select the regular player for the overall match.

First financial report already on the -20k because of the Scouting process.

So far so good. Day 1 is less stressful. I may need to do bank loan sooner because of the facility upgrade.

Until next time.

If you haven't play yet. you can join by using my referral link below,

Thank you!

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