WOW!!! Got a Gold Foiled in DAILY FOCUS after a long time!

The revised DAILY FOCUS reward chests are becoming amazing as they contain more DEC and a higher chance of legendary cards or Chaos Legion packs than before with higher leagues. Also, the chance of GF cards is increased with the higher leagues.

And the final revision has made some awesome changes that I like most as follows -

  • Now loot chests will contain several Potions instead of 1 potion previously which is amazing! For me often I need to buy the potions separately and it is a huge amount of DEC to buy it for each CL pack. Now I have started a lot of potions which will help me use all my funds to buy more packs!

  • Also, there will be some numbers of MERITS in the loot chest which is pretty good as without BRAWLS no one can buy the gladiators packs and the speed was also very slow for card upgradation. Now everything will be easier for the players to increase their collection power and rank.

Today I have managed to get up to 10 loot chests in the DAILY FOCUS. Today I have got 1 GOLD FOILED COMMON and 1 common card from the DAILY FOCUS REWARD.

The dollar value of these cards is around $0.351 with a collection power of 130 in this dumped market which is awesome for inspiring every day to grab some loot chests.

I have also gotten 536 DEC worth $0.307 and 32 potions worth $0.802 which is awesome to get more and more loot chests!

The total rewards value is $1.479 and the average loot chest value is $0.148 which is a solid reward in the gold league!

And, If you want to be a proud member of the Splinterlands community and enjoy the magical world of hundreds of monsters and strategies for your battle where you will have the opportunities of amazing battles with some extraordinary monsters with amazing abilities which will uplift your online gaming experience to a new level. You can enter into the Splinterverse through this link sign up to join splinterlands


Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

All the images are prepared by me from the splinterlands and peakmonsters resources.


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