How DEC can be awesome in rewards perspective from daily loot chests?


The revised DAILY FOCUS reward chests are becoming amazing as they contains more DEC than before with higher leagues. For an example, I am getting the gold league ones from which I am getting more DEC with the increased chance of getting cards also! Though the card market and overall market is bleeding and I prefer to have more DEC than the cards as it helps me to grow up my collection according to my own requirement of necessary cards. And throughout the whole bleeding season I will always buy cards and I am not going to sell any of my card!

Today I have managed to get up 7 loot chests with my DRAGON Daily Focus. But the interesting fact that today I have not got any cards from those 7 loot chests!

But I have got a tons of token and the amount is 1152 and the selling price in dollar is $0.79 with which I can buy a legendary card. Isn't it amazing?


As today I have got a 4 potions loot chests and 3 DEC loot chests from DAILY FOCUS REWARD, the total value is $0.9.

But yesterday I had 5 common without any RARE, EPIC or LEGENDARY cards from the DAILY FOCUS REWARD with 3 potions and 272 DEC from 3 DEC loot chests and the total value is $0.33.

So, to cut the long story in short is, from these reward analysis, we can get the following assumptions,

  • The average loot chests value with DEC is much higher than the loot chests with cards.

  • It is very rare to have gold foil cards or legendary cards but you will always get some loot chests with DEC reward. So, loot chest with DEC is not a bad thing but the best reward in the current bleeding market!

  • DEC rewards can be used to make your decks more powerful by the opportunity to buy the best card that suit your decks. But rewards cards will be boring as they are very cheap and they have no impact on your decks until they are very good cards!


That's why with DEC reward, it's not frustrating at all but the most valuable rewards. I have often seen many people get angry if they don't get cards from the loot chests, I hope they will understand how the DEC rewards are amazing nowadays. The reason behind excellent DEC rewards is the current multiplier according to the league. SO try get higher league to get more rewards especially insane number of DEC!

You can see, how the number of DEC rewards is increased in higher leagues, For an example, if you get 100 DEC in BRONZE, that number will be 200 DEC in Silver league, 800 DEC in Gold league, 1600 DEC in Diamond league and 4800 DEC in Champion league!


Such rewards will gradually increase your collection power to climb up higher league without renting cards as the renting cost has significantly increased after the new reward system has employed.
That's all for today, thank you for reading my post. Hope catch you at next!

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Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

All the images are prepared by me from the splinterlands and peakmonsters resources.


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