#4 - RABONA - Season 56 League 3 Day 3 to 5 ⚽



Hello everyone 👧. Recently I'm busy with my working life and delay in update my daily report for RABONA. So, today I'm going to update my status for Season 56 League Day 3 to Day 5 match in general.

Overview of the match on 29.11.21 to 01.12.21 (3 days)


This my outcome from 12 matches in 3 days.

On 29.11.21 match with PACESETTERS, my team TampilingKO suffered losses greatly. For that match, one of my best player had been injured and unable to continue to play for next 9 matches. MySebastian please rest well.😣


Consequences of my Sebastian unable to play for the next match, my defend quite weak without him. I had suffered further losses with Peruanos Albinos FC and especially my friend @tawadak24 team.

The other factor that I lost with TawadakFC24 as I using back my goalkeeper, Suck Boo as @tawadak24 requested him from his RABONA's post. 😉

From now on, I need to revalue Suck Boo whether he maintains as goalkeeper or change to other position as I saw got change position functions in the game but I no try it yet. Will try it after this season done.


In my 5th day of the season, 19 matches done with 14 won, 3 lost and 2 draw.


I'm in rank 5 currently for Season 56 League 3 (ID671) as at 01.12.21.


These my next 4 matches on 02.12.21 and hopefully the goal from Hosiya United was less (expected to lost to this team) as recently he doing great when facing other active team match.

Financial Status



I had making a great mistake in scouting new player. I had made 6 player scouting but only accepted 3 of them. I thought my RBN will not burn if I reject the player when scouting. Now I suffer net deficit as at 01.12.21 by wasting 60,000 RBN. Never mind, lesson learn.

Signed the good stats player is much worth than scout however my cash flow still low so have to use my baby player to run the matches first. The salary for player selected by signing instead scouting was in average 40k RBN per match which I can't afford it now.

Team Stats and Players




My overall strength for my team had increased from 38 to 39 now. Maybe the increase of number on team players had affected on it.

If you interested to play this game, just click RABONA.

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