#2 - RABONA - Season 56 League 3 Started & Funny Player Name šŸŽŒāš½


Hello everyone šŸ‘§. First Season of my #rabona matches started and I just notice I got 1 player with a funny name.

Season 56 League 3 (ID671)

New RABONA season 56 had started and I had been assigned to League 3 (ID671) with other 15 opponent teams.

This season period will be on 27.11.21 to 04.12.21 for 30 matches.


Coincidently, this season had matched up with my friend @tawadak24 team, TawadakFC24 šŸ˜‚. We keep on laughing when we saw the match up above and we will have 2 matches facing each other for this season.


Before each match started, we need to set up our player line up and formation. I just randomly put my best player into the line up as I'm still new for this game and my players still in low stats due to low resources to upgrade it. So, all the match during this season was not strategize and will won by pure luck.

Overview of the match on 27.11.21


There were 3 matches today and one of it was with my friend's team.

I had won 2 matches easily as the 2 opponents (maybe same as me new player) did not set up any player line formation. Maybe I won by default.

As for the matches with my friend, the result was draw. We both had set our players with formation for the match. Maybe our players stat still low and around the same stats with each other.


This was the ranking result for Season 56 League 3 (ID671) as at 27.11.21. I'm at rank 4 but same score with my friend who in rank 3.

Funny Player Name


Got 1 of my players which I got from the started pack had weird name.

Suck Boo šŸ˜‚ , a funny name and his stat was the last rank among the players in my team. Hopefully in my current league matches, his performance as goalkeeper will not as bad as his name.

Advertisement contract


After my first match, I notice this advertisement contract in the financial pages. I just signed it as I can gain income for 104,170 RBN each x 5 Seasons.


I had been sponsored 1.5M RBN by @tommyl33. Its encouraged me to play the game more actively and I used this fund for upgrading my stadium facilities.


I have to do budgeted cash flow statement for using my resources wisely so I did not overspent in upgrading.

If you interested to play this game, just click RABONA.

#PGM #oneup #play2earn

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