Have Came Back to Its Position


Hi and Hola to everybody,today I am going to share my 35th day progress in rising star game. Before it lets discuss some Hive and Starbits Market situation.

Hive has came back to its position range 1.48$ to 1.52$. This is a good recovery . If Bitcoin does not fall then there is a hope that that it will rise to 2$ soon This time Hive price is 1.50$ with highest price of 1.51$ and lowest price of 1.44$.Hive dropped 1 cent from its top in last 24 hours .


This time Starbit rate is 0.00018$ and cost of One Million Starbits is 180$.

Interesting thing is that you can buy One Million Starbits in 120 hive today.

Highest Bid is Starbit market is at 0.00012$ whereas Highest Asked is also at 0.00012$.


In Starbit market today is overall ** Sales Trend**. Selling Orders are more executed than buying orders.


Well following is my progress of Day 35.

My level

Starting from level one, I reached at level 59 in 34 days.This is my Second day on level 59.

I am only 15 Levels away from my Destination level 75


My Missions

I played 15 missions in last 24 hours whereas I have played 433 missions till now. Following are my missions Stats;

  1. I have played Illegal Busking mission 33 times till now.
  2. I have played Open Mic night mission 56 times till now.
  3. I have played Mid Week Support mission 40 times till now.
  4. I have played Licensed Busking mission 12 times till now.
  5. I have played Midweek Headline Slot mission 10 times till now.
  6. I have played Saturday Support mission 16 times till now.
  7. I have played Saturday Headline 17 times till now
  8. I have played Radio Interview 34 times till now
  9. I have played Radio Studio Session 8 times till now
  10. I have played Shopping Mall Performance 8 times till now
  11. I have played Record A Demo 7 time till now
  12. I have played Acoustic Tent 1 time till now
  13. I have played Music Lesson 182 times till now


My Inventory

Following is my inventory

  1. Fan Cards 19
  2. Cold Pizza Slice 2 cards
  3. Pizza Box 1 Card
  4. 10Xp Booster 2 Cards
  5. Instruments 55 cards of i32 Mid Range Guitar ,i54 Pink Guitar 27 cards, i45 S String Bass 2 cards
  6. Millionair Card
  7. Total cards 134


My Stats

  1. Fans both permanent and drunk 1045
  2. Luck 1370
  3. Skill 9977
  4. Ego 0
  5. IM 24


Thanks for your time.

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