DCity How to start

Dcity is game on HIVE. In game have too many cards and options, and need to learn what need to doo and what kind of cards need.
For me this game looks like sim city, because you need buildings, people like in real life. So for start we have

16 Cards:

All cards are active so that is good.
Population is 19, and popularity is 28.
I think i need 40 popularity to get chance to get new citizen.
So my next goal is to get TOTAL of 10x PARK
1 Park give 5 popularity and i have 2 park so i will make focus to get 8 more parks.
I watch Chao tutorials on youtube how to play this game, and i get some tips;
to start good town need next:
75x park
13x art galery
4x nuclear plant
1x police station
1x cold fusion tech

I have for now only 2 x park and cold fusion tech. I dont know how buildings work so i go slow and no rush. I will make focus to get 8 more park and that is good start.

Second goal is to have 8000 SIM.
Price for sim on this day is:

So i need around 3 HIVE to get 8k SIM

So for now i have 2 goals, get 8 more park and make 8k sim.
For next goals i will think about it.

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