Dcity day 2 basics

Hello gamers!
I research little game and cards in game Dcity, and i learn something.
First i dont know what number people to hire mean is that bad or good, and i notice when i have house, number for hire is lower. So point is to have cards with POPULATION. Example if you have 10 people in town you need to hide it in houses, so you need around 3 houses to hide it.

Second thing what i learn.
That people what you have in town, probably need job, so i notice on some cards WORKERS. Aha that is trick.

Example, if you have card OFFICE, you have place for 20 workers, so that 20 workers need place to hide. Place like hotel or home or other cards, i dont know cards so i dont know what is best option. And i try to make balance between WORKERS and people to HIDE.

So right now i have PERFECTLY BALANCED people in town :D
I dont know what that mean but sound good :D
Now i looking on citizen chance, i have only 2% chance to get new people in town. I dont know what is max % chance, and how to incraise this chance. So need research game again. :D
If you play game, and know some basics, or have some cards what you dont need like students, send card to me :D

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