Purchased CORPSE FIEND LEGENDARY Death Unit Card. (Playing Splinterlands Game)


Hello everyone, I play splinterlands every day. i have to play every day to get daily rewards.

I'm trying to upgrade the cards in splinterlands game. We try to get Loot chests every day and have a lot of prizes at the end of the season. I'm upgrading my card power. I only have a few cards.
Due to low card power, it is difficult to win battles.
So i have to increase the card power
I am buying and collecting the necessary cards.
I can not buy much yet. I'm buying slowly.
You need a lot of card power to get higher rewards. So you have to buy and save.
I am choosing to buy cards that are useful for me in the game. We believe that we will soon be able to form the best team.


Today I purchased a card and upgraded it.
I bought a CORPSE FIEND LEGENDARY Death Unit Card.
4045 credits paid. This card is a little expensive. Because it is good to use. It is worth buying because it is useful in battle.
Now my CORPSE FIEND LEGENDARY Death Unit Card is Level 1.
It boosts my card power a bit.
My game results have improved since I purchased the CORPSE FIEND LEGENDARY Death Unit card. The purchase was correct.
I will try to make more upgrades. The more cards you have, the more rewards you can get. That's why I'm upgrading my card power.
The changed reward distribution system is great.
The more games you play, the faster your progress will be. There is an opportunity for everyone who tries.
The more you play, the more rewards you get
This system is very good. I play a lot of games and seize opportunities.

Thanks for reading. have a good day.

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