My Rising Star Game #38 My daily progress

Hello all shining stars!
I hope you enjoy playing your Rising
Star Gaming...

This is my 38th post for in this Rising
Star community (Blockchain
Gaming). Rising star is fun game.
You can start lower busker. And bulid
your band. You can be a mega star
by completing missions.

My game account level is 65. My
jounery of Rising Star is in Zone Local Gig Circuit.
The main point of this zone is to find band members
and build a band. I was busy and I
could not try to level up fast.
Now My XP is 2037 if I reach 3250
points I will up to level-66.

I was busy. I could not do much
missions. I finished only 3 time of
Local Mini Tour Support and one
time of Open mic night mission

My Account Progress
I completed total mission 1085 time.
And you can see my status of fan
luck skill IM.

FanskillluckIMtotal card

This is all my daily progress.
Thank for reading my post.

Image source

I like this Game. Its easy to play and
earn real money. If you do not
play yet please use my referral link

I am San

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