My Rising Star Game #22 My progress and Received Millionaire Card

Hello all shining stars!
I hope you enjoy playing your Rising
Star Gaming...

This is my 22th post for in this Rising
Star community (Blockchain
Gaming). I do mission daily. I am 52
level and I am enjoy playing this
amazing **blockchain game based
on Hive Platform.

I am just doing Acoustic Tent
mission. My next mission target to do
is Local Mini Tour Support. My
requirements to do that mission is
Fans-1200 level-52. That mission
cost 100% energy and 300 minutes.


Received Millionaire Card
I received Millionaire Card yesterday.
So my dream will come true. I can
buy more cards to grow my rising
star jounery.


My target of June
My target is to reach level 60 and
to get 2000 fans and 6000 skills
at the end of June.

Can I meet my target?

How do you think?

My Account Progress
You can see my account status as

Fan: : 1715

Luck: : 246

Skill: : 5596

IM: 30

Total Card: :41

I finished total missions are
as following -

Total Missions =672

Illegal Busking=41

Open Mic Night=25

Mid Week Support=36

Licensed Busking=10

Midweek Headline Slot=15

Radio Interview=18

Saturday Support=13

Saturday Headline=85

Radio Studio Session=8

Shopping Mall=12

Record A Demo=5

Local Festival Acoustic Tent=4

STARBITS Millionaire=2

Basic Singing Lesson=162

Have your cake and eat it=1

Easter 2022=7

Guitar Lesson=137

Production Lesson=83


Image source

I like this Game. Its easy to play and
earn real money. If you do not
play yet please use my referral link

I am San

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