My Splinterlands Rewards For The Season


Uraeus is the only Epic card and better that I got in the 18 season ending rewards chests that I got for the season that just ended on Mar 31. The Venari Crystalsmith and Gargoya Devils are pretty nice cards too and actually useful in battle unlike Uraeus.

Can't believe Uraeus doesn't have poison straight out of level 1. What kind of cobra doesn't have poison. Still, I'm pretty happy with the rewards that just arrived.

Apart from that, I also have my Alric on rent for the first couple of days of the season. I could probably rent him for throughout the season and the additional chests should probably pay for itself. Would cost about 75 DEC to do the rental. A big factor is how fast I can get to Silver and stay there. With Alric, I think that should be doable in 3 days. Without him, maybe 7.

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