Can't Believe I Tumbled Even Further Down

I started the day ranked 873 and ended it ranked 755. That's a tumble of 120 ranks or thereabout. Normally by this stage of the season, I would have been able to be promoted to Silver already but it has been quite a struggle.

Yesterday's quest had mostly low mana battles which means that my few big cards don't come into the picture. I still am not used to the new CL cards and I am surprised that even a lineup with 2 legendaries and healing still get beaten by a level 1 summoner with just starter pack cards.

I'm not sure if I'll even make it to Silver II at this rate. Probably need to focus on just battling tomorrow and rise up the ranks outside of the quest. Definitely the toughest season so far for me.

I got an Alchemy potion for my efforts. Hurray!


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