🎼My Rising Star game progress #148🎸: I have completed 300 'Promote Fan Club' missions

Dear friends,

Today is the 148th day of playing Rising Star game and I have reached level 95. Yesterday, I have finished 300 Promote Fan Club missions and received FC15 'Shine' card (fig 1). It gave me 50 net skill points (150 skill points -100 fans), 5 Luck points and 2 IM. I am glad to have more skill points and fans for my coming missions. My next 'Record Signing' mission can be done when I have FC28 in hand - when I finished 700 promote FC missions.

fig (1)

In this morning, I found the difference between my skill points and base ego (ego without temporary fans) is 10,817. I think I will try to do two 'Promote FC' missions a day and do the guitar music lesson every alternate day because I think the skill reward from a guitar music lesson can cover the two day ego increase.

My current goal is to get to level 100, where I can do 'Full Band Headline' mission. And I am trying to do missions so that they are not repeated and get my fans bored; and as the result, I found the increase in the no of fans as well as starbits rewards from missions.

fig (2)

And, my current Rising Star status is as follow.

Total no of fans from cards18930
Base Ego (without temporary fans)27249
no of cards owned347
Ego Level0

Until this morning, I have accomplished 3457 missions and the breakdown are as follow. ↑shows the no of missions performed.

Illegal Busking152
Open Mic Night389
Mid Week Support Slot666
Licensed Busking52
Midweek Headline Slot125
Saturday Support63
Saturday Headline23
Radio Interview139
Radio Studio Session26
Shopping Mall Performance579
Record a Demo24
Local Festival Acoustic Tent20
Local Mini Tour Support89
Band Auditions24
Band Rehearsal178
Full Band Support110
Summer Breeze19
Record Signing2
Promote Fan Club300
STARBITS Millionaire113
Basic Singing Lesson7
Guitar Lesson357

Rising Star game is a cool game that I have played so far. If you want to play this game, please follow my referral link below:



There is a FAQ page on how to play this game on the Rising Star page and many other posts and YouTube videos as well.

Thank you for your support.



Image source : https://www.risingstargame.com/

1st Oct 2022

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