🎼My Rising Star game🎸Day 99: Unlocking new one more band member and buying a new pack

Dear friends,

Today is the 99th day of playing Rising Star game and I am playing at level 76 now. In this morning, I opened a new pack and from the pack I received 'i6 Mid Range Acoustic', 'i91 Pink Riser Desk Mic' and 'R211 Giovanna' (fig 1). From those card, I received 125 fans, 15 Luck points, 150 Skill points and 5 IM.

fig (1)

And in this morning I have finished two more 'Band Auditions' missions and was able to unlock one more band member and an instrument. So, there are 5 more slot to unlock (fig 2).

fig (2)

I regularly check the difference between my Skill points and base Ego (Ego without temporary fans) to see the Ego level is under control and this morning I found the difference to be 5,888. Now, I have 14199 fans with 1149 temporary ones. Temporary fans contribute to the Ego points and if I cannot keep the Ego points lower than my Skill points, the Ego level will rise and as the consequence, the starbits income from missions will be deducted by the % of the Ego level. I have never experience the rise in Ego level because I always try to keep my Skill points higher than the Ego points by doing regular music lessons. Yesterday, I found I did two music lessons.

And In this morning, I found my Rising Star status to be as follow.

Total no of fans from cards13050
Base Ego (without temporary fans)17,643
no of cards owned224
Ego Level0

Until this morning, I have accomplished 2208 missions and the breakdown are as follow. ↑shows the no of missions performed.

Illegal Busking149
Open Mic Night2205
Mid Week Support Slot5325
Licensed Busking31
Midweek Headline Slot104
Saturday Support43
Saturday Headline23
Radio Interview1004
Radio Studio Session16
Shopping Mall Performance2774
Record a Demo22
Local Festival Acoustic Tent19
Band Auditions92
Local Mini Tour Support50
Promote Fan Club2363
Summer Breeze19
Record Signing2
STARBITS Millionaire631
Basic Singing Lesson6
Guitar Lesson2872

Rising Star game is a cool game that I have played so far. If you want to play this game, please follow my referral link below:



There is a FAQ page on how to play this game on the Rising Star page and many other posts and YouTube videos as well.

Thank you for your support.



Image source : https://www.risingstargame.com/

12th Aug 2022

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