πŸŽΌβ˜… My Rising Star game update β˜…πŸŽΈ: opening a pack

Dear friends,

It has been 215 days that I am playing the game and I have reached level 112 . In this morning, I opened a pack and received two common instrument cards and one rare guitar instrument card, 'R250 Unicorn Guitar' (fig 1). I am glad to received the guitar instrument card because I usually do guitar music lesson when I need more skill points. From those three cards, I received 61 luck points.

(fig 1)

When I checked the skill point last time, it was not 10K more than the base Ego (Ego without counting temporary drunk fan). So, in this morning, I am doing one guitar music lesson. Now, I am focusing on doing 'Promote Fan Club' missions to receive the next FC card and have finished 399 missions so far.

I am trying to do missions regularly and in doing so, I tried to do as various missions as possible not to get my audience bored. In this morning, my current Rising Star status is as follow.

Total no of fans33675
No of temporary fans2665
Total Ego46739
no of cards owned540
Ego Level0

I have completed 5072 missions and the breakdown of my completed missions is as follow. ↑shows the no of missions performed.

Illegal Busking198
Open Mic Night5351
Mid Week Support Slot841
Licensed Busking941
Midweek Headline Slot181
Saturday Support96
Saturday Headline25
Radio Interview2773
Radio Studio Session54
Shopping Mall Performance769
Record a Demo24
Local Festival Acoustic Tent21
Local Mini Tour Support1411
Band Auditions24
Band Rehearsal3492
Full Band Support3352
Full Band Headline91
Halloween 202239
Record Signing2
Promote Fan Club3995
STARBITS Millionaire1751
Basic Singing Lesson7
Guitar Lesson376

Rising Star game is a cool game that I have played so far. If you want to play this game, please follow my referral link below:



There is a FAQ page on how to play this game on the Rising Star page and many other posts and YouTube videos as well.

Thank you for your support.



Image source : https://www.risingstargame.com/

7th Dec 2022

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