Rising Star Game- Vehicle Card or Artist Card which one is better choice for Fans gaining


Usually vehicle cards have more attraction as compared to artist cards especially for beginners. New players want to buy Vehicle cards to gain more fans while vehicle card is first time required to start first mission of third zone named " Country Tour ". To reach there someone should also have 1750 fans and he/she should be at level 80. Before it there is no need of any Vehicle card.
Here we will look at Vehicle cards from two aspects;

Vehicle Cards Asset or Liabilty.

All vehicle cards don't own any skill.Means as soon as you get any vehicle card, along with that you also get an increase in ego. So either you will have to do skill lesson or buy skill cards or you were already in surplus of skill so that getting a vehicle card will not effect anything otherwise

Vehicle Card will be a liability not an asset.

Vehicle Cards Market Rate.

All Vehicle Cards are placed in market on the high rates.If you are only interested in getting fans then for this purpose you should buy people card. For example if you are going to buy R60 Touring Coach having for getting 550 fans then you will be definitely in a better position if you visit the people card market thoroughly. This will give you two advantages;


1. Cost Deduction

you will find equal fans in less price through artist cards.

2. Fans with skill.

Round about all artist cards also own skill with fans and there are many Artist cards owing more skill than fans like
R87 Stacy, R95 Barney, R76 George, R66 Matt and R50 Ali and many more. If you buy such as cards then not only you will get your required Fans number also some additional skill will be added in your portfolio.





3. No Increase In ego.

As it is clear that buying Artist cards having equal or more skill than fans will not cause any increase in Ego which is
seen in Vehicle cards

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