Hive Price Dumps Today


Hive price fluctuation effects all of us who are on hive blog and on hive Blockchain either playing NFT based games like

  1. Rising Star
  2. Splinterlands
  3. Dcity
  4. Hashkings
  5. Crypto brew master
  6. Dcrops
  7. Game of Life
  8. Fish master
  9. MuTerra
    or trading hive and hive tokens. On Sep 03, 2021 hive price pumped from $0.5808 to 1.13$ which was all time high price of hive in last 30 days. Sep 19, 2021 hive high price was $0.7643 and today Hive price dumped to $0.5931 which was opening price of Hive on Aug 28, 2021.
    This dump is good for new comers in hive blockchain gaming. Increased hive price definitely increased the cost of NFTs.
    So again opportunity is open for traders,investors and gamers to buy hive at low price and take advantage of this opportunity.
    Have a Happy Hive Dip.


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