My Daily Focus Battles In Splinterlands & The Season End Rewards

Hello Splinterlandsers!


Splinterlands Game is one of the best HiveBlockchain games.
I also like playing Splinterlands.
I play Splinterlands every day.
I am currently playing in Bronze I. Also my highest league is Bronze I.
Today my rating went down because I lost some tough games yesterday.
Today I have decided to try and play in the top league.

Today I have successfully completed my daily focus battles ( Water Quest ) again.
The following battle link is from a Daily Focus match I played.


  • The Battle Rule is - Armored up : - Monsters get +2 added to their armor stat.
  • Allow Summoners : Water, Earth and Life.
  • Mana coast is 25. It is appropriate mana cost battle.

I am using Water Summoner, ALRIC STORMBRINGER.



The opposing team used Water Summonertoo.
Well, let's see what happens in the Water Vs Water Splinters battle.

[Round 1]

[Round 2]

[Round 3]


The battle lasted up to only 3 rounds. This battle was a very exciting battle for both teams.
I won Rating point +38, Reward Points +64 and +0.012 DEC as a reward for this game battle.

I'm so excited I think you want to see the battle playing too. If you want to watch the full gameplay of the game, please click on the gameplay link below:


Today, I got 10 the chest loots boxes reward for Yesterday focus complete reward.
I had claimed these reward boxes.

After that, I also got 42 chest loots boxes of the season end rewards for my pass season playing are as below:-

Thanks You @Splinterlands I like your daily quest rewards and season end rewards.


If you want a new experience like mine, visit my my ref link and play Splinterlands.



Thanks you for visiting my post.

Good luck and see you around.




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