Buying Churches For The Tax Refund In DCity


I was looking through the special effects of the cards and the tax refund aspect of some of them caught my eye:


There are 5 cards that give a tax refund. The Church, Student, Policeman, Eco Activist and Soldier. You can find churches on sale but the others are harder to come by on the market.

With taxes eating a hefty portion of the daily SIM earnings, tax refunds are most welcome. I bought a couple of churches for a reasonable price.

They give a refund of 1 SIM per church so it is not like you're going to get wealthy off of having many churches. Still, with the stackable advanced prayer to increase income combined with a tax refund, owning many churches might be a viable strategy.

I've since placed the churches that I bought on the market in order to buy more police stations but if no one picks them up, then I will try stacking the Advanced Prayers and see how that works out.

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