Trying and Buying A New Card Pack!

Hello to all members on Blockchain Gaming Community!

This is my music game post on this community.
I would like to share you about buying card on my music game.
This is my funny time on Rising Star Game.
I am interesting this game because this is a music game.I like music as singing,dancing and others.So I wanted to play Rising Star Game.

I opened my game account this morning.I did Midweek Headline Slot Mission.I wanted to buy a card pack on my game.I had so small fans,luck and IM.So I went to the market and bought a card pack with STARBITS.
It costed 10000 STARBITS and I got three cards.

They are R141 Dundun, i44 Old Cello and i49 Djembe .

(1)R141 Dundun

It is a Rare card.It had 50 luck.

(2)i44 Old Cello

It is a Common card.It had 1 luck.

(3)i49 Djembe

It is a Common card.It had only 1 luck.

I got only 52 luck from my new cards.

So I must be more easily to play on game.
Now I had totally 13 cards.

This is seventh times buying for me.
The first one card is Pizza Box Card.
The second one is R123 Carlito Card.
The third time is Cold Pizza Slice Card.
The fourth time is R124 Garlic Card.
The fifth time is one Rare card and two common cards.
The sixth time is one Rare card ,one Epic card and one Common card.
This time is one Rare card,two Common cards.

I think I would do a little high missions on game.

I am very happy today because of playing on Rising Star Game.
This is My Music Time of Rising Star Game.
I love Rising Star Game!

My Music time is on Rising Star Game!
My Happy time is on Rising Star Game!
MY Resting time is on Rising Star Game!
My Precious time is on Rising Star Game!

It is a good and great game on Blockchain Gaming.
What are you waiting for!

Try and Join on Rising Star Game.
Thank you so much all.

See you next post with my great profit balance.

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