Social Media Challenge ( Buying Venari Crystalsmith - Level 2 Card In Splinterlands Game )

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For this week social media challenge, I wrote about buying Venari Crystalsmith ( level 2 ) card in the splinterlands game.

I always like the cards that has healing ability in splinterlands game. Venari crystalsmith is one of my favourite cards in life splinter. It has tank heal ability. It is a ranged attack card that is very suitable to use with general sloan summoner.

Today, I decided to buy this card to increase my card collection power. I got 500 card collection power from this card. Then, I played this card with some battles. I want to share one of the battles I played today. This one I played with venari crystalsmith, so I decided to share it.

Battle Rule

Mana - 28
Available Element - All elements ( fire,water ,life ,death ,earth and dragon )

Summoner - General Sloan (level 2)

Position 1 - Chaos Knight (level 1)

Position 2 - Celestial Harpy (level 3)

Position 3 - Pelacor Arbalest (level 2)

Position 4 - Venari Crystalsmith (level 2)

Position 5 - Temporal Master (level 1 )

Position 6 - Baby Unicorn (level 1 )

General Sloan (level 2)

I want to use ranged attack cards in this battle. So, I choose general sloan summoner and it will increase one ranged attack to each ranged attack cards in the team.

Chaos Knight (level 1)

I choose chaos knight as tank position because it is a strong card with shield ability.

Celestial Harpy (level 3)

To attack the enemy cards, I decide to use celestial harpy. It has two melee attack with both flying and opportunity ability.

Pelacor Arbalest (level 2)

The best abilities of this card are two ranged attack and double strike ability. These qualities of this card always help me to defeat the enemy cards.

Venari Crystalsmith (level 2)

I like that venari crystalsmith has one ranged attack and tank heal ability. Its tank heal ability always help to restore lives to other cards.

Temporal Master (level 1 )

Temporal Master has recharge ability and it has one magic attack. It also costs three mana points for battle, so I decide to use it.

Baby Unicorn (level 1 )

To increase the health points of other cards in the team , I add baby unicorn in this battle.


The enemy team use thaddius brood summoner, so all my cards decrease one health each. The enemy team also use disintegrator, so I lose one melee attack in my melee attack cards.

Then, pelacor arbalest and venari crystalsmith in my team increase one ranged attack each because of general sloan summoner. My cards also gain one more health because of the ability of baby unicorn.

The battle starts and my cards quickly eliminate cursed windeku in round 1.

Undead badger from the enemy team eliminate baby unicorn and my cards lose one health each because of it. Then, silent sha-vi from the enemy team eliminate another card, temporal master.

Pelacor arbalest continue to attack disintegrator and can eliminate it with double strike ability. Then, celestial harpy destroys undead badger and choas knight destroys carrion shade. My team can eliminate three cards in this round.

Venari crystalsmith eliminates death elemental in the round 3. Then, pelacor arbalest eliminates silent sha-vi, the last card of the enemy team. This is one of my best battles, and I enjoyed it .

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