My Battle Weekly Challenge ( Regal Peryton )

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Hello, Splinterlands Community Members,

This is my second post for weekly battle challenge.


Edition : Choas Legion
Rarity : Rare
Element : Earth
Attack : Magic
Abilities : Flying

Battle Rule

Mana Cost - 27
Available Element - All elements ( fire,water ,life ,death ,earth and dragon )

Line up and position,

Summoner - Obsidian

Position 1 - Unicorn Mustang
Position 2 - Regal Peryton
Position 3 - Khmer Princess
Position 4 - Venari Seedsmith
Position 5 - Child of the forest


Obsidian summoner costs four mana. The ability of this summoner is increasing the magic attack of all cards in the team. I choose obsidian summoner in this battle because I want to use its ability.

Unicorn Mustang

Unicorn Mustang card costs eight mana, and the card contains three melee attack, four speed and ten health. It has void ability. The card is a very strong card to use as tank. Its attacks are also very effective because it has three melee attack. So, I choose this card for this battle.

Regal Peryton

Regal peryton card costs five mana and the card contains one magic attack , five speed and six health.The ability of regal peryton is flying ability. It has good speed with magic attack, moreover it also has six health. So, I think this card is suitable as second position.

Khmer Princess

Khmer princess costs 2 mana, and the card contains one magic attack , one speed and two health. It has no ability in level 1. I choose this card because it only costs two mana and it also has magic attack.

Venari Seedsmith

Venari seedsmith card costs five mana, and the card contains two ranged attack, two speed and two health. It has scavenger ability. The card has low health, but it can be increased because of scavenger ability. So, I decide to use it in this battle.

Child Of The Forest

Child of the forest card costs three mana and the card contains one ranged attack, five speed and two health. I want to add another ranged attack card,so I choose it. Moreover, it also has snipe ability.

Round 1

In this battle, I used obsidian summoner. Behind this summoner, I placed unicorn mustang, regal peryton, khmer princess , venari seedsmith and child of the forest.

The enemy team used thaddius brood summoner. Behind this summoner, the enemy team placed onyx sentinel, sand worm, shadowy presence, soul strangler, xenith archer and dark ferryman.

The cards start to attack, and sand worm from the enemy team eliminates child of the forest.

Round 2

In round 2, regal peryton eliminates onyx sentinel. Then, the cards continue to attack and venari seedsmith can eliminate sand worm in this round. Venari seedsmith continue to increase health because of scavenger ability.

Round 3

Regal peryton and unicorn mustang together eliminate shadowy presence. Then, venari seedsmith also can eliminate soul strangler in this round. Venari seedsmith increases health again in this round.

Round 4

Regal peryton eliminates xenith archer. Then, my cards continue to attack dark ferryman, the last card from the enemy team. Finally, venari seedsmith can eliminate dark ferryman, and win this battle.

  • Regal peryton is one of good cards to use in battles. In this battle, it can attack and eliminate many enemy cards, although it got only one magic attack because of thaddius brood summoner from the enemy team. Moreover, it also has flying ability, so I like this card.

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