My Battle Weekly Challenge ( Molten Ash Golem )

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Hello, Splinterlands Community Members,

This is my post for weekly battle challenge.


Edition : Choas Legion
Rarity : Rare
Element : Fire
Attack : Ranged
Abilities : Close Range

Battle Rule

Mana Cost - 22
Available Element - All elements ( fire,water ,life ,death ,earth and dragon )

Line up and position,

Summoner - Tarsa

Position 1 - Molten ash golem
Position 2 - Serpentine Spy
Position 3 - Tenyll Striker
Position 4 - Scavo Firebolt


Tarsa summoner cost four mana. It gives one melee attack and one health to all cards in the team. I use this card in the battle. I use level 2 card in this battle.

Molten Ash Golem

Molten ash golem card costs six mana, and the card contains one ranged attack, one speed and ten health. It has close range ability. Actually, I don't use this card much in fire splinter because it only has one ranged attack. But when I use it for this challenge, I think it is not too bad. Its good quality is having close range ability and having many health. I use level 2 card in this batte, so it got one more health for this card.

Serpentine Spy

Serpentine spy card costs three mana, and the card consists of two melee attack, three speed and one health. It has opportunity ability. I add this card to attack the enemy cards effectively.

Tenyll Striker

Tenyll Striker card costs five mana, and the card consists of two melee attack, three speed and six health. It has sneak ability. It is a good card to use in battles because it has good speed with melee attack, moreover it also has sneak ability to attack the last position card of the enemy team. I use level 2 card.

Scavo firebolt

Scavo firebolt card costs four mana and it contains two ranged attack, two speed and four health. I choose this card because it has two ranged attack and four health.

Round 1

In this battle, I used summoner. Behind this summoner, I placed molten ash golem, serpentine spy, tenyll striker and scavo firebolt.

The enemy team used thaddius brood summoner. Behind this summoner, the enemy team placed cursed windeku, undead badger, silent sha-vi, death elemental and xenith archer.

I place molten ash glem as first position because it has many health. Tenyll striker quickly eliminates xenith archer. Then, serpentine spy eliminates undead badger in this round. My team can eliminate two enemy cards in this round. Unfortunately, my team also lose scavo firebolt because of the attack of silent sha-vi.

Round 2

The cards continue to attack and tenyll striker can eliminate another enemy card, death elemental.

Round 3

In round 3, tenyll striker eliminates another card, silent sha-vi. Enemy team only left cursed windeku which is difficult to destroy. My card, serpentine spy is eliminated when attacking cursed windeku.

Round 4

My cards continue to attack cursed windeku, but they can not eliminate it in this round.

Round 5

Finally, tenyll striker eliminates this card and won this battle. I think this battle is a little difficult to get victory, but I manage to get it.

  • Normally, I don't use much molten ash golem in the battles. So, I am not familiar with it. But I think this card is very useful with close range ability and many health. I like it can use effectively in the first position unlike other ranged attack cards.

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