My Battle Weekly Challenge ( Dhampir Stalker )

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Hello, Splinterlands Community Members,

This is my second post for weekly battle challenge.


Edition : Choas Legion
Rarity : Rare
Element : Death
Attack : Ranged
Abilities : True Strike

Battle Rule

Mana Cost - 27
Available Element - All elements ( fire,water ,life ,death ,earth and dragon )

Line up and position,

Summoner - Thaddius Brood

Position 1 - Cursed Windeku
Position 2 - Death Elemental
Position 3 - Venari Bonesmith
Position 4 - Dhampir Stalker
Position 5 - Soul Strangler

Thaddius Brood

Thaddius brood summoner costs four mana.This summoner reduces one magic attack and one health from enemy cards . When I am playing with death splinter, I always choose thaddius brood summoner. In this battle, I also choose thaddius brood summoner.

Cursed Windeku

Cursed windeku card costs six mana and the card contains two melee attack , three speed and nine health.It has thorn ability. Cursed windeku is one of my favourite cards in death splinter. I think it is the best card to put as tank in death splinter.

Death Elemental

Death elemental costs three mana and it has one magic attack ,three speed and two health .It has snipe ability. I decide to choose one card that has magic attack and snipe ability. So, I choose it.

Venari Bonesmith

Venari bonesmith card costs four mana, and the card contains one magic attack, two speed and three health. The card has life leech ability. I choose this card because it has life leech ability. I think life leech ability is very useful and it makes the card survives longer in the battle.

Dhampir Stalker

Dhampir stalker card costs seven mana, and the card contains three ranged attack, two speed and five health. It has true strike ability. I want to put some good ranged attack cards in the battles. So, I choose dhampir stalker and soul strangler.

Soul Strangler

Soul strangler costs three mana and it has two ranged attack , two speed and two health. The card has no ability . I choose this card because it has two ranged attack and it also only costs three mana.

Round 1

In this battle, I used thaddius brood summoner. Behind this summoner, I placed cursed windeku, death elemental, venari bonesmith, dhampir stalker and soul strangler.

The enemy team used obsidian summoner. Behind this summoner, the enemy team placed unicorn mustang, mycelic morphoid, goblin psychic, khmer princess, regal peryton and chaos agent.

My cards attack unicorn mustang in this round. But they still can not eliminate it in this round.

Round 2

In this round, unicorn mustang eliminate my card, cursed windeku. Then, dhampir stalker attacks and eliminates unicorn mustang. Continuously, soul strangler also eliminates mycelic morphoid, another card from the enemy team. Unfortunately, l lose death elemental because of the magic attack of goblin psychic.

Round 3

In round 3, soul strangler eliminates goblin psychic, and dhampir stalker eliminates khmer princess continuously.

Round 4

The enemy team only left regal peryton and chaos agent. My cards attack these two cards, but they can not eliminate them in this round.

Round 5

Finally, venari bonesmith eliminates regal peryton and dhampir stalker eliminates chaos agent. My team eliminates all the enemy cards in this round and won this battle.

  • Dhampir stalker is a good card to use in battles. Although I don't use this card in many battles because it costs many mana for battles. But I quite like it to use in the battles because it has three ranged attack with true strike ability.

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