My Battle Weekly Challenge ( Cursed Windeku )

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Hello, Splinterlands Community Members,

This is my post for weekly battle challenge. In this week, I wrote about cursed windeku. Cursed windeku is a rare card in death splinter. It has thorns ability in level 1 to 4.From level 5 to 7, it will get heal ability beside thorns ability. In level 8, the card will get thorns, heal and slow abilities. This is a wonderful card with three good abilities.

THEME : Cursed Windeku

Edition : Choas Legion
Rarity : Rare
Element : Death
Attack : Melee
Abilities : Thorns

Battle Rule

Mana Cost - 24
Available Element - All elements ( fire,water ,life ,death ,earth and dragon )
Combat rule(s) - Only mosters with melee attack may be used in battles.

Line up and position,

Summoner - Thaddius Brood ( Level 3)

Position 1 - Cursed Windeku ( Level 3 )

Position 2 - Silent Sha-Vi ( Level 3 )

Position 3 - Undead Badger ( Level 1)

Position 4 - Parasitic Growth ( Level 1)

Position 5 - Uraeus ( Level 1 )

Thaddius Brood ( Level 3)

Thaddius brood summoner costs four mana.This summoner reduces one magic attack and one health from enemy cards . I like this abilities and I use it in this battle.

Cursed Windeku ( Level 3)

Cursed windeku card costs six mana and the card contains three melee attack , three speed and ten health.It has thorns ability. Its three melee attack and thorns ability cause the enemy cards a lot of damages. So, this card is a very good card to use as tank.

Silent Sha-Vi ( Level 3 )

Silent sha-vi card costs five mana and the card contains three melee attack, four speed and five health. It has sneak ability. I choose this card to attack the enemy cards effectively.

Undead Badger( Level 1)

Undead badger card costs two mana, and the card contains one melee attack , three speed and one health. It has sneak ability. Although it has melee attack and sneak ability, the card is weak unlike silent sha-vi. But it only costs two mana, this makes me want to choose it for this battle.

Parasitic Growth

Parasitic growth card costs four mana and it contains one melee attack, one speed and two health. It has opportunity abilty. I rarely choose it in battles because it only has one melee attack and low speed. But the combat rules of this battle makes me only choose melee attack cards. So, I decide to choose it.

Uraeus ( Level 1)

Uraeus card costs three mana, and the card contains one melee attack, two speed, one armor and two health. The card has sneak ability. The card has armor, so I like to place it in last position.

Round 1

The enemy team has disintegrator, so my cards lose one melee attack each. Cursed windeku from both teams attack each other, but they can not eliminate each other in this round. My other cards try to attack crypt beetle, but it still survives till the end of round 1 because of shield abilty.

Round 2

In round 2, silent sha-vi can eliminate crypt beetle. l lose cursed windeku in this rounđ because of the attack of cursed windeku from enemy team. Parasitic growth try to attack cursed windeku, but it is eliminated by thorns ability of cursed windeku.

Round 3

Silent sha-vi eliminates cursed windeku from the enemy team in this round. Then, it is eliminated by shadow snitch at the end of the round 3.

Round 4

The enemy team only left shadow snitch and disintegrator. My team also left undead badger and uraeus. They try to attack each other, no clear result comes out in this round.

Round 5

So, they continue to attack in round 5. Then, undead badger can eliminate shadow snitch and uraeus can eliminate disintegrator. My two cards can defeat the enemy cards successfully in this round and I win this battle.

  • Cursed windeku is a perfect card to use in battles. It has strong attack, good speed, many health and thorns ability. Moreover, the card only costs six mana unlike other cards which are good to use as tank position.

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