Buying a pack and bidding some missions in music promoter

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I have been playing rising star game for 339 days, and I am doing missions and buying cards (or) pack every day.

Today, I bought a pack and opened it. I received one rare people card and two common people cards. They are R301 Ava, 126 Mario and 128 Toby.

R301 Ava has 125 fans, 100 skill, 3 luck and 3 im. 126 Mario has 10 fans, and 128 Toby has 10fans.

I want to do Birthday Party mission, but I don't have enough starpro. So, I added 21000 starbits to music promoter mission to bid some missions. Now, I am bidding mid week support mission, open mic night mission and saturday headline mission.

My player ranking for today is 379 and it is the same as yesterday' ranking.

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