Rachael's Got No Chill -🌠 Starbits & Cold Pizza #207 🍕

Hey Rockstars,

I hope you all are having a rocking day. Time for another edition of Starbits & Cold Pizza!

Here's what's been happening in my world of Rising Star!

Sending you all Good Vibes and Enjoy The pizza!!

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New Cards


Todays Featured card is R134 Rachael! The girl has skills and is kind of a big deal. No one can drum like her, u there with the best of them.

I also opened up 4 packs today, here's what i got!





Lots of drums and some good rare cards! Sure to help me make some extra starbits.

Updated Stats

New cards had a positive effect on my game stats, as always:



  • Reach 2000 cards - 1671/2000
  • Reach 2000 IM - 1726/2000
  • Reach Level: 175
  • Get All the Chrismas Cards - completed
  • Get to level 150 - Completed 6 Jan 2022

Still working my way through level 151. Grinding way at the gigs and Ego is fluctuating from 9 to 13% depending on the number of drunk fans. I'm has improved quite a bit this week. Keen to see how this effects my rank.

We keep grinding!

What's your progress like? Got Any Hot Tips?

I'm keen to connect with other players! Pop me a line to let me know how you doing, or any hot tips you'd like to share!

Till next time, keep on rocking.

Much love from Sunny Cape Town, @Mimismartypants

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