Just Trapped Me A Scary Mary -🌠 Starbits & Cold Pizza #144 🍕

Hey Rockstars,

I hope you all are having a rocking day. Time for another edition of Starbits & Cold Pizza!

Here's what's been happening in my world of Rising Star!

Sending you all Good Vibes and Enjoy The pizza!!

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New Cards & My Favorite


Bought and opened up a 12 pack today and Scray Mary decided to make an appearance at the last minute! At least I can hit the Halloween mission hard now!

Also got another Faux Rari! Willing Trade For a REd lambo, Chopper or chopper!













Gameplay Update

Chilling at 61 in the ranks. Hopefully, my new cards will help me pop u a few places. Also finally hit level 135 and am already halfway through.

Have just been stacking starbits for another 10 pack and will start stacking for the next 10.

Overall Game Stats Summary

  • Rank: 61
  • Personal Best: 50
  • Level: 135
  • 1 080 Cards
  • 55 940 permanent fans
  • 11 107 luck
  • 86 236 Skills
  • 780 IM
  • Total Missions Completed: 5 554

Guitars are definitely my strongest instrument right now with 247 skills points to be earned. But production is a close second.

Starbits Pricing & Millionaire Cards Issued:


Starbits seem took quite a dip over the past week but we see it increasing in value again. Despite the fluctuation, the coin has been fairly stable. We also see lots of new players joining, so always a good sign!

Lowest Ask went from 0.00035 HIVE to 0.00036 HIVE - compared to 5 days ago.

January 2021 average: 0.00011 Hive
July Price Average: 0.00035 HIVE
August Average: 0.00040 HIVE
September Price Average: 0.00035 HIVE

So far 253 Starbits Millionaire Cards were issued - 6 more compared to 5 days ago.


Cards I'd Like To Buy

I'm creating a list of booster cards I want to buy. I might buy these before I hit millionaire or after. But adding this additional goal to the mix and adding the list here so I can keep track of what I need. These will help improve my stats as well as the number of unique cards in my collection.

54 cards marked off the list! The list is growing!!! Will add more every day.

  1. 1 x Cold Pizza Slice
  2. 1 x Whiskey Bottle
  3. 1 x Skillboost 1
  4. 1 x coffee cup
  5. XP Boost +10
  6. 1 x can of petrol
  7. 1 x can of petrol
  8. 1 x can of petrol
  9. 1 x can of petrol
  10. 1 x can of petrol
  11. 1 x can of petrol
  12. 1 x can of petrol
  13. 1 x can of petrol
  14. 1 x can of petrol
  15. 1 x can of petrol
  16. S1 Undead Fred
  17. S5 Mozart
  18. S6 Wizzy
  19. S9 Beethoven
  20. S12 Brahms
  21. S11 Bach
  22. E4 Modern Female Punk
  23. E5 Headbanging Singer
  24. E6 The Pad Of Chaos
  25. E13 Unidyne
  26. E14 Bobby Remedy
  27. E14 High-End Drum Kit
  28. E16 Rozzer
  29. E19 Trike
  30. E25 Pro Kit
  31. E29 Stanley
  32. E32 Bizzo
  33. R23 Daisy
  34. R2 Metal Drummer
  35. R3 Mod
  36. R4 Female Rapper
  37. R5 Male Rapper
  38. R6 Congas
  39. R7 Vintage Synth
  40. R8 Lead Guitarist
  41. R9 The Songwriter
  42. R10 Touring Coach
  43. R11 Range Rover
  44. R12 808 Drum Machine
  45. R13 Pro Studio Mic
  46. R14 Cowbell
  47. R20 Touring Coach
  48. R21 MC Pressure - 10000
  49. R25 Double Bass
  50. R31 Nykelharpa
  51. i5 Cheap Mic - 600
  52. i12 RS-303 Bass Line win this guy
  53. i18 Electric Drums
  54. i14 Cheap Sax
  • S10 Tchaikovsky
  • E1 Double Neck Guitar
  • E3 Red Lambo
  • E7 Grand Piano
  • E10 Pete Wong
  • E11 Chopper
  • 5 Skater
  • R1 Classic Punk
  • 1 x XP Boost +50
  • 1 x XP Boost +100
  • 1 x skills boost 10
  • 1 x skills boost 50
  • 1 x skills boost 100
  • 1 x 100 fan boost
  • 1 x 50 fan boost

What's your progress like? Got Any Hot Tips?

I'm keen to connect with other players! Pop me a line to let me know how you doing, or any hot tips you'd like to share!

Till next time, keep on rocking.

Much love from Sunny Cape Town, @Mimismartypants

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