Toying with Canva Video and Dogami animation

I'm just having fun while learning to edit videos using canva as well as while playing Dogami.

If you don't know yet, Dogami launched their early access game where you will need to purchase a Dogami NFT.

I noticed that the home page of the game will feature your dogs in an animated way. So what I do is record them on my screen and then upload to Canva. From Canva I add captions and some effects.

I have had experience as a subtitler for a number of captioning firms and so the captioning part is actually easy.

Thinking of a sketch is the harder part. I try to concoct a story that will more or less fit the recorded video.

As for the game, I'm doing not bad as sometimes I do place in the top 10. So while strategizing and thinking of a maximal way to optimize my resources to improve my dog stats. I record the dog animations and create shorts out of them.

As for the video, it's only about a minute, so it's truly a short video🙏
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