Reached Level 202 (Day 183: Playing Rising Star Game)


Hello to all gamers.I have been playing Rising Star Game for 183 days now. Today I have reached Level 202.
Today I was able to take it to the next level.
It took me 5 days to get from Level 201 to Level 202. The higher the level, the longer the time.
I'm trying to reach Level 210. It may take me another 40 days.
At Level 210, i will begin the first Rap Battle Mission in the Country Tour Zone.

We are working hard on Promote Fan Club missions.
So far, I have done 45 Promote Fan Club missions. After 5 more attempts, i will receive a new FC5 Rose Petal Card.
FC5 Rose Petal Card is a good card.
find some great cards along the way for the Promote Fan Club mission. i need to get them as soon as possible.


You can see my daily progress and daily activities as follows.
fans 55610
luck 8391
skill 118030
im 899
card 1306
Trying to get 60,000 fans.

Total Missions 7947
Illegal Busking 1261
open Mic Night 932
Mid Week Support 241
Licensed Busking 57
Midweek Headline Slot 176
Saturday Support 5
Saturday Headline 6
Radio Interview 1363
Radio Studio Session 242
Shopping Mall Performance 524
Record A Demo 7
Festival Acoustic Tent 7
Local Mini Tour Support 41
Band Auditions 10
Band Rehearsal 1314
Full Band Support 595
Full Band Headline 538
County Festival Auditions 9
County Festival Gig 27
County Tour 100
Promote Fan Club 45
Your Ranking: 263

Rising Star game is fun to play. There will always be progress as we work on missions to improve every day. I continue to do missions happily every day and move forward.
I wish good luck to all gamers.

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