Purchase of FUNGUS FIEND LEGENDARY Earth Unit card (Splinterlands Game)


I play Splinterlands Game every day. To receive daily rewards.
currently in the BRONZE I League.
Silver III arrived but could not be maintained. With a series of defeats, the rankings went down. It is difficult to win because there is not enough card power.
So making some purchases to get the necessary card power.
I can not buy much yet.
I'm buying some cheap cards.
I buy cards that are useful for games.
I bought a FUNGUS FIEND LEGENDARY Earth Unit card today.
It costs 4040 Credits. This card is very useful for Earth games. The price is a bit high.
This card can be used a lot in my games.
Lots of cards to buy.
I'm trying to buy it.

I am very interested in blockchain games. In the coming days, I can share my Blockchain gaming experience on Hive. Good luck to all Splinterland players.

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