Chaos Legion Drop Rates and Average time to earn


Hello fellow TCG enthusiasts!

I made a post a bit earlier today talking about the new updates announced this morning but I wanted to dive just a bit deeper into the fact that we can all win Chaos Legion card packs now from chests! If you haven't seen my original post yet going over my thoughts of all the changes check it out here.


As I've already gone through my thoughts on them adding packs to chests lets just dive into what it will take for you to pull a pack and who is really going to be benefiting from this change.

So how do each of the leagues compare and why did I decide to bump into Gold from my more reasonable position in Silver?

I've done some quick math in excel with the assumption of a season lasting on average 14 days and came out with the following chart.


The very first thing you should notice is that Silver 3 easily has the worst ratio of packs. Even though the chance increase is distributed evenly the chest distribution is far from even. With an average of 140 days to pull a pack in Silver 3 I suspect most serious users are going to be trying to push themselves into Silver 2 which cuts the time down almost to 1/3.

The main problem here is that as we speak it generally costs more DEC daily to rent to any given league than you can generally earn using 25% of your ECR. This means if you are renting right now, you are doing so at a loss assuming your chests will bring you into a positive.

Also, its interesting to see that Champions are generally earning at a rate 140x faster than the rest of us. Money certainly makes money huh.

One thing I'm very curious to see is the immediate impact on 2nd hand Chaos Legion packs. Personally I think this drives them to sub $2 easily until packs are sold out.

Anyways, as Aggroed always says, go push and shove.



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