Splinterlands Social Media Challenge (RANGED ATTACK)

Hello Splinterlands Gaming Community,

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Hello, I'd like to tell you how attractive Ranged Attack is in the Splinterlands Gaming Community's Social Media Challenge. Of course, every time you see it in the game, Cards and characters with Ranged Attack I want to tell you how to attack this time.

If you are going to attack with Ranged Attack, one thing to be aware of is that Ranged Attack cannot be attacked in the first place. And Ranged Attack has many chances to miss. Ranged Attacks have relatively low health.

Summoner for Ranged Attack has 2 elements, GENERAL SLOAN and MOTHER KHALA. MONTHER KHALA increases the health of summoned monsters by 1. GENERAL SLOAN increases Ranged Attack by 1 each.

Each Summoner has its own stats, strengths and weaknesses. The main thing is to choose what you like and then choose and summon the Monsters that will accompany the Summoner.

For this week's Social Media Challenge, I have summoned GENERAL SLOAN and I would like to show the placement of Ranged Attack Monsters and share how they are used for the Challenge.

Let's Go My Battle.

The following battle link is from a Daily Focus Battles I played.
Battel Rule

Mana Cost - 23
Available Element - 7 Elements

Line up and Position

Stats - +1 Point (Ranged Attack Monster Increase 1)

Position 1 Of Monster - BLINDING REFLECTOR
Position 2 Of Monster - GARGOYA SCRAPPER
Position 3 Of Monster - XENITH ARCHER
Position 4 Of Monster - PELACOR ARBALEST
Position 5 Of Monster - PORTAL SPINNER
Position 6 Of Monster - HERBALIST

All of my Ranged damage was increased by the Summoner I chose before the match.

My Team is Life Splinter and Enemy Team is Earth Splinter.

Battle Round 1

Battle Round 2

Battle Result

I won Rating point +40, Reward Points +185 as a reward for this game battle.

My Battle Link

Due to GENERAL SLOAN's Stats, the Damage of my Ranged Attack Monsters increased by 1 each, and I saw that the match was quite fast. In the first game, in the second game, I wish I was lucky. The ranged attack damage was effective without escaping, and the damage caused the enemy's health to be quite damaged. If this is the case, I think that the pictures of the ranged attack together with GENERAL SLOAN are enough to know.

Let me ask you to watch the criticize it.

Thank you very much for your attention to the letter.

We meet again in the next game.

Have a great day everyone.

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