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One of the best blockchain games to play today; Splinterlands Blockchain is a game where you can have everything you want. I am sharing what I know about this game.

Splinterlands is a game where you connect with players around the world and outsmart each other. The game creates battles based on rankings. It only takes a few seconds to start a ranked race. Completing daily missions will reward players with online currency called cryptocurrency. More than $58,000 in prize money has been awarded in the game's tournament.

Splintetlands Game is like any other game. It has a season. 1 Season is set by the founders of the games with specific dates. The dates set for each season may or may not be the same for each game.

As for the Splinterlands Game, the game's founders set Splinterlands seasons to be usually 12 to 16 days long. Even after one season, Rewards are distributed to players as both Loot Chests (for the end-of-season league) and DEC (for the top players in each league).

There are two types called Modern and Wild Battles. When you win a Modern or Wild battle, all battles set at that level will be sent to the season ranking. During that day, the battle in the game and the founders of the game put the game plan according to the rank.

Anyone who wins a battle in Modern or Wild using Element or cards will be sent tiered rewards gifts from that season as season points. During the season, if you win a series of victories and accumulate more points, you can claim more chest boxes as end-of-season points.

Players in all leagues will be able to play with either real or leased cards. A tiered reward system has been added to give real players the chance to earn increased rewards for daily participation in battles in a sustainable way.

The total points earned for Wild points and Modern points will add up to the points earned at the end of each season. Therefore, you will get points for both Modern and Wild points separately.

The popularity of Splinterlands Game nowadays should not be surprising, because the value the game provides to the players makes the blockchain game attractive to the average gamer. splinterlands allows players to fight with others in the world to collect cards, A digital card game that allows you to trade and fight. And the game is built on the Hive blockchain, one of the many blockchain platforms that allow players to buy and sell cards on those blockchains.

Today I have successfully completed my daily focus battles.

Start playing the Splinterlandsgame today.

Splinterlands Game is one of the best.

I like to play Game.

I play game every days.

I am currently playing in Bronze lll.

The following battle link is from a Daily Focus Battles I played.

Battel Rule
Mana Cost - 17
Available Element - 4 Elements

Line up and Position
Position 1 - ALBATROSS

My Team is WATER Spliner and Enemy Team is EARTH Splinter.

Battle Round 1

Battle Round 2

Battle Round 3

Battle Round 4

Battle Round 5

Battle Round 6

Battle Result

I won Rating point +20, Reward Points +100 as a reward for this game battle.

The 6 times I started playing, I had to win.

Let me ask you to watch the criticize it.

Thank you very much for your attention to the letter.

We meet again in the next game.

Battle Link

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