Maximizing Starbits Card purchase Profit

Hello All Hive and Starbits lovers,

I hope you guys have been playing Starbits and earning juicy starbit earnings. I have been playing this game from last few months and currently playing level 86. From my experience i have learnt that in order to maximize the starbits earning from each level, its important to have more fans. More fans means more starbits reward after finishing each mission. But as player attract more fans that also means that ego of that player will go up if the player wont have enough skills to match the fan level.

There are a few different ways to get more Fans or Skills -

  1. Buy cards from market with required number of fans and skills
  2. Do more Music lessons to gain more skills
  3. Use a bottle of whiskey to attract more fans (temporarily)

I want to talk more about option 1 - Buying cards from market.

There are always a lot of options with different number of skills and fans for all these cards and its really very confusing to choose the most suitable card for your need. So how do you decide to buy a card to maximize the profit in terms of your need ? Which card have the most value for you ?


I use a simple technique to decide the card i should buy. Well this require a little math. I calculate the cost of one fan or skill in terms of a card. This calculation helps me choose the card which provide me the most most skills/fans per starbit or hive (or any currency that i am using to buy the card).

Lets use an example and compare two cards :

R70 Jamie with 125 fans and 100 skills costing 12000 starbits
R75 Greg with 100 fans and 150 Skills costing 11000 starbits

Here is the calculation :

Card1 Fan Cost (Price/No of Fans)1 Skill Cost (Price/No of Skills)
R70 Jamie12000/125 = 9612000/100 = 120
R75 Greg11000/100 = 11011000/150 = 73.33

As you can see from the calculation, that R75 Greg provide more value in terms of Fans and R70 Jamie provide more value in terms of Skills.

Although R70 Jamie looks expensive but looks like this card is actually giving me more value if i am looking for more skills efficient Card.

Of course this formula is only for reference purpose to just give you an idea and you should make your own decision before purchasing any card.


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