My Entry for Weekly Battle Challenge - Theme : SPINEBACK TURTLE

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This is my entry for Share your Battle Weekly Challenge hosted by @splinterlands. Here is the link to post



SPINEBACK TURTLE Card cost 4 mana. At level 4 at unlocked a ability - THORNS and thorns never

Battle Details

Rule Set - Earthquake
Here the screen shot of the cards lineup.
Here is the link to battle.


My strategy - It was a 40 mana battle which means I am free to use high mana cards. The earthquake rule make me to use flying cards as mush as possible. So SEA GENIE and PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS are the first choice. Used the SPINEBACK TURTLE & I have upgraded to level 5 which means it has THORNS ability combining with earthquake may be more effective as it will give extra damage with THORNS .

Lets watch the battle round by round...
I decided to use the .Turtle at first place so that I can get the benefit of Thorns buy my opponent does not use the first card with melee attack.


Combine attack of take down the opponents first line monster in first round itself. Thanks to the ALRIC STORMBRINGER for magic buff.

At the end of first round the Earthquake comes into effect and cards without flying ability taken two melee damage. So my Turtle died without using the THORNS :(
Opponent also lost second card with the start of round. And buffed magic attack also finished another two cards.


By the end of the Round 2 the opponent left with two card only.

The Round 3 was the final round and opponent does not get chance to attack back.


I was rewarded with 14.52 DEC and 21 ranking points :)

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