DCROPS: Are you ready for farming? First Farming Game on Hive!!!

Are you looking for a farming game on Hive? Finally, you can opt for it by playing Dcrops😍. ***Dcrops ***(https://www.dcrops.com/) is a blockchain-based farming game built on Hive. I have no prior experience of playing any farming game so let's take a chance here.

You need to log in with your Hive username. If you do not have a Hive account, you can create it for free, here:

Hive Account Creation

After logging in we are seeing this and we have to click Play to proceed.


Now we are on the dashboard displaying the Leaderboard, and statistics. It shows that the Fall Season is currently in progress, which ends in 7 days. We also see farm & inventory on the dashboard.


Time to farm and for that, we have to access the shop to buy some juicy packs. Let see we get on our hands.


There are only 50'000 Alpha packs and the remaining are 37357. Unfortunately, we missed the pre-sale where the packs were priced at the half. One pack is worth 2 $. We can buy them with Hive or Crop ( an in-game token worth .001 cents). You can buy promo 100 packs or 500 packs thus having some extra perks. I bought 32 packs to test it. As the game is in the alpha stage so the cards didn't open up and I have to track them on discord, rather. The following cards we got.


We didn't get any legendary cards. This is the Fall season so we have to figure out which seeds we can plant. We have got an average, fertile and awesome farmland. We have to go to the Farm to see which seeds we can plant in the Fall Season. Before that let's see which seeds we can grow in this season.


So, we got the following seeds:

Common: Garlic & Carrot, the time required is 7 days.
Rare: Pumpkin, the time required is 12 days.
Epic: Beetroot, the time required is 10 days.
Legendary: Raspberry, the time required is 3 days.

As only 7 days are remaining so ideal would be planting the garlic and carrot.


There are four types of farmlands. On average land, we can plant only one seed. We can grow two seeds on fertile land, and on an awesome land, we can grow three seeds. We have grown all the available carrots and garlic, now. We have to wait for 7 days to have the rewards.


You can also buy all the required items on market. Though the prices are a bit higher so I'd prefer buying the packs, instead.

This is it for today's Farmers. I'll be sharing more. Thank you for reading & supporting me. Much appreciated your love.


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