Splinterlands Weekly Challenge! NERISSA TRIDAWN

Hey guys.. Mingalar par မင်္ဂလာပါ..
This week featuring monster is NERISSA TRIDAWN, a magic monster with 3 magic attack with 9 hit points at 9 mana cost, quite expensive, but pretty useful for high mana capped battles. It doesn't have any other abilities though. I used to rent in captain ghost for high mana capped battles because rental price is pretty low. The rental price for NERISSA TRIDAWN is not that high though, so I am not sure which one to rent in the future. This is the first time renting NERISSA TRIDAWN for me, even though I met quite a number of opponents that use NERISSA TRIDAWN, never though of renting it. I think it would be very useful for Target Practice battles, if I can use along with Djinn Oshannus.
The battle was against Death splinter, where only Water, Death and Dragon splinters were allowed. Mana cap for the battle was 50, so that we didn't have to worry about running out of mana. It came with 2 rules, Super Sneak and Noxious Fumes. Noxious Fumes meant, River Nymph, a Water splinter card.
I used Djinn Oshannus as the tank, because, it is fast and has void ability. Another important card was River Nymph, most important for Noxious Fumes battles as it's Cleanse ability would make Djinn Oshannus immune to Noxious Fumes. At the back of the line, Serpent of Eld was placed so that enemy sneaker had a hard time hitting it. Sea Monster was placed before that. Self healing ability should make it survive Noxious Fumes for a long time. NERISSA TRIDAWN and Deeplurker were placed as I had left with a large amount of mana.

The most important thing about Noxious Fumes rule is survival and hoped my Djinn Oshannus live long enough with the help of River Nymph.


* Rarity: EPIC
* Element: WATER



Kelya Frendul provides an additional shield and speed. Most of the **Water** monster are pretty fast and this summoner makes them even faster. A shield means even an enemy with high melee and range attack has to hit at least twice without piercing ability.

First Position : DJINN OSHANNUS

Very fast monster with Void ability and high hit point make this monster first choice for most of the battles especially for high mana capped battles.

The void ability and the speed should make it last longer.

Second Position : DEEPLURKER

With 3 opportunity attack, Deeplurker is a very dangerous monster always looking for weak ones.

Third Position : NERISSA TRIDAWN (Featuring Monster)

A strong monster with huge magic attack. Hit point is very high as well.

Fourth Position : RIVER NYMPH

A must use monster for the Noxisous Fumes battles. Cleanse ability clear Noxisou Fumes poison of the tank.


Good hit point, self healing ability and strong attack make this monster dangerous. It is a slow one though.

Last Position : SERPENNT OF ELD

Very fast monster with Dodge ability make if almost invincible.


Enemy came up with Bone Golem as the tank hoping that I'd be using magic card which was correct. Cursed Windeku at the end of the line to damage with thorns to the sneakers. Disintegrator to reduce melee attacks. Riftwings to take advantage of any dead monster. Seemed to be a good strategy, but would the team survive Noxious Fumes?

Alright, let's get started!

Djinn Oshannus couldn't make any damage to the Bone Golem with Void ability, since magic was reduced. Djinn Oshannus lost just the armour for it had no problem avoiding attack from slow Bone Golem. Seprent of Eld was knocked out by the poison as well as River Nymph. So was Cursed Windeku on enemy side. Riftwing got back to 6 hit points for the deaths.

Sea Monster healed itself and knocked out Dhampir Stalker. Bone Golem didn't survive after the poison and Riftwing restored health to 6 again.

Poison just did the job by knocking out Elven Defender and enemy was left alone with Riftwing, the battle was all but over.

Riftwing restring health was enough to get to the next round.


Did my strategy work?
I think using Cleanse ability in Noxious Fumes battle works almost all of the times. Just try to survive and poison will do the job.

It is such a strong monster with 3 magic attack. Suitable for high mana capped battles. I think I'm gonna continue renting this card especially when I am in Silver League.

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