Analyzing "Chaos Legion Set & Presale Info" aka's

ps: specially during the presale, whenever you buy something, use credits instead of spt/dec to boycott retarded scammy investors behind the wheel who are driving the project to be something below what it should be


Chaos Legion card packs will cost $4.00 USD each once they are available for sale in the Splinterlands shop. We understand that some players may not be happy with the increase in price as compared to previous edition packs, however after a thorough review of the entire Splinterlands game economy it was clear that a higher price was necessary to avoid a number of potential issues that did not exist with previous pack editions.

aka "this is obviously bullshit because it makes packs sell less, but we want more money for the same effort"

The total number of packs available was also adjusted downwards to account for the higher pricing, so overall there will be fewer Chaos Legion cards available but hopefully they will be more valuable than if the price remained at $2.00 / pack as it was in previous editions.

aka some info that doesn't even affect anyone ever. we've gone from 1m packs to 15m so bringing total packs down from 30m to 15m is supposed to sound reasonable in some magical context. uh huh. ok

so far, that's some despicable PR imo


aka the only positive thing you're supposed to care about in the entire fucking post. if you can buy now, then you should buy now instead of later

The reduction in Collection Power and DEC burn rate is necessary to both help maintain the value of the older card editions as well as to adjust for the significant increase in the DEC external market price that we have seen over the past few months

aka complete horseshit. what they SOUND like they're saying is "remember our old, shitty cards? we've made adjustments to the new collection to make them stay relevant". like they would ever become less relevant. that's completely retarded and obviously a lie

we all want old cards for strategic purposes. this is the only reason to get them. IT IS OKAY if they want to make more money from this new collection. but masquerading it like that is condescending and insulting to players. it is also a reason to force players into renting for power instead of strategic purposes.

there will be a 10% discount for any presale pack purchases made using the Splintershards (SPS) token.

aka "buy our meme tokens with little to no benefit since they're dropping in price anyway"

The point is to incentive the behavior that we want our community to engage in: stake SPS tokens for a long time.

aka "we want people to stake"

Please note that accounts with over 1M SPS tokens staked will be counted as only having 1M SPS staked for the purposes of the VOUCHER token awards in order to spread the tokens a bit more evenly among the player base

aka "are whales are unstaking. buy their coins"

30 presale period

aka "hey whales, unstake so these bitches buy it from you for nearly zero reason" when combined with the 30 day unstaking period

  • do I like splinterlands as a game? yes
  • do I like the splinterlands PUBLIC RELATIONS team? no, they're awful
  • do I think you should care about the pre-sale? no, I think you should wait until this insulting pre-sale is over before you spend, unless you pretend to literally burn your money as your only alternative. there are a lot of projects out there. this is save-face advice. I'm poor enough to make you look like an idiot if you even think about suing me
  • am I going to keep buying some cards? yes. I think I'll buy up to a silver collection. I like the game. even though I hate some of the dumbfucks involved, I like the game

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