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First attempt at the Disintegrator share your battle challenge, been a while since a neutral card was chosen as the card to use I think. since its a neutral card it can be used in any team line up.

Card Background Information

EditionChaos Legion
AbilitiesDemoralize (base)/Trample(lv5)/Knock Out (lv8)/Retaliate(max)
ability_demoralize.pngReduces the Melee attack of all enemy Monsters by 1 cannot be lower than 1
ability_trample.pngWhen a Monster with Trample hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next Monster on the enemy Team
ability_knock_out.pngDoes double damage when attacking an enemy that is stunned
ability_retaliate.pngWhen hit with a Melee attack, Monsters with Retaliate have a chance of attacking their attacker (50%)

Card level & stats


Bronze max | LV3 - +1 armor & hp
Sliver max | LV5 - gains Trample and +1 speed
Gold max | LV8 - gains Knockout, +1 damage and hp
Diamond and above | LV MAX - gains retaliate and + 1 armor

Pros & Cons


  • Has some armor can prevent melee and range blows
  • Neutral can be used in all team lineups unless no neutral ruleset is in play
  • Has demoralize debuff which makes it a great unit in melee only matches


  • Has a high cost of 7, might not be your first choice in low mana battles
  • Melee unit without sneak ability so it can only attack in the front but the debuff it gives requires it to be alive so should not place in the front
  • Quite low hp at 5 at level 1

Battle rules


SymbolRule Effect
image.pngAll Monsters have the Knock Out ability.
image.pngAll Monsters start the battle Poisoned.

Total Mana : 54
Usable elements : Fire, Water, Life, Death

Poisoned is a pretty fun ruleset to play with makes all units except those with immunity live on a timer so you can plan around fights using it.

Team Composition

Position: Summoner

Tarsa chosen for its +1 melee and + 1 hp, during poison matches every bit of hp counts since an extra 1 drop of health might allow you units to last an extra turn.

Position: Main Tank

Living lava is selected as the main tank since it has shield and is melee based so it can benefit off the summoners +1 to melee damage, mainly chosen since it has decent hp and quite a high damage value and that shield ability.

during poison every bit of hp counts so ability that help reduce damage taken are great and hitting like a truck is also great.

Position: Buffer

Scavo Chemist has only 1 purpose in this team lineup to use its cleanse on the living lava so that it will not be poisoned so that it can survive longer than 4 turns (assuming it just purely gets hit by poison damage, key part of the line up in poison matches.)

Position: Star of the Challenge/Debuffer/Subtank

For this team its role is to debuff the enemies melee units and to protect the backline for as long as it can, since this match has poison its not going to last long it can only last 4 turns with the summoner's buff but it's quite a key figure in this team since its going to reduce the damage taken by the team for melee damage.

demoralized is great to pair with the shield ability since that ability halves the damage from melee and range attacks with demoralized it might reduce it even further

Position: Melee Damage/Sneak

sand worm chosen since it hits like a truck and attacks the backrow where those weaker units stay, in poison will only last 3 turns but it would deal 15 points of damage while its alive, 18 with the summoner's buff

Position: Melee Damage/Sneak

Tenyii Striker, you can see a theme going with this team most of the damage dealing units i have chosen are sneak units to deal with the backline as i figure the main tank unit will have shield or some sort of high armor value so targeting the back will reduce their forces since poison is in play to remove those with hp below 2 each turn.

Position: Melee Damage/ Immunity Unit

The final unit of the team, the Forgotten One chosen for its Immunity ability, having immunity during poison ruleset is very strong since it be not affected by the rounds 2 poison damage so it can outlast the opponent by stalling while their team falls

Now on to the Battle

Round 1


They used an evenly split melee and range team and no magic units were used which is great for me since my team is weak to magic.

Disintegrator reduces the damage dealt by the first tank for my living lava to zero since it starts with 2 attack and is reduced to 1 saving the living lava from taking damage which is great allowing it to live through the round.

they did run a taunt tank which ruined the sneak attacks thou allowing their high damage units to get a few hits off on my team.

Round 2


Disintegrator showing its chops again by taking less damage with its debuff to last longer.

with the sneak on my team managed to get rid of that pesky blast unit and keep my sand worm alive for another round .

Round 3


things don't look very good my team hp has been drained by that poison damage and are falling like flies, their chain golem is a very strong card lasting so long due to its shield ability but the unit behind it the cornealus is the one doing most of the damage to my with with its 3 attack but its a range unit and once the chain golem falls it will be unable to attack

Round 4 & Beyond


I made it by the skin of my teeth taking out that chain golem before they could get the last hit on my forgotten one which is only alive due to its immunity ability and since their last unit was range and did not have the close combat ability even thou it could heal its could not survive the poison and forgotten one's damage

Strategy Talk

this match was quite close if they had a cleanse unit it might have gone differently since their chain golem was such a strong tank unit and that cornealus basically ignoring the poison damage with its self heals if it had close combat I would have lost.

Disintegrator did show its worth by reducing the chain golem's and shieldbearer's melee damage and allowed my team a break from getting wreaked but due to the poison ruleset it did not last very long.

Disintegrator is pretty good to use in most matches especially those with the super sneak or opportunist rule set where it be allowed to attack from the back.

Thanks for the battle challenge curation team

Link to the Battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_cac5a2ba4d240a327f6a6a481f3af5b9&ref=dotz132

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