The WOO is Yours #023 ~ WOO Giveaway [1 Dec]

Woo giveaway.png

Hi, welcome to THE WOO is yours, this is my daily WOO giveaway that I have started since November 2022.
In November 2022 we had 22 winners and CircleBubble was the luckiest bastard who won 150 WOO from 3 draws.

Now, Let's start announcing the last giveaway winners


Congrats to @henruc for winning 50 WOO today.


and I would like to thank other participants: @herman-german, @blessedkid-121, @bitandi, @kryptofire, @tydynrain, @operahoser, @circlebubble, @blitzzzz, @rimurutempest, @phantomassassin, @monsterbuster, @invest4free, @arieruzzzz, @engilhramn, @crazyphantombr, @bechibenner

for participating in this giveaway.


Currently I do not know how much is a good prize for a giveaway, so far I can think about 50 WOO per draw because everyday I get around that number from Woo Airdrop.


However I will pick 2 winners from each draw.

PRIZE / REWARDS : 25 WOO for 2 players

Rule of Participation :

  • Leave any comment below (please put different HIVE name if you want to receive the rewards on different account)
  • Bots can't win (sorry LoL bot, Potato bot, Pizza bot, and other bots 😂 )
  • One person one entry
  • There is no specific Cut off time, this giveaway will last from 12 to 48 hours. I will leave a comment such as Time's Up or It's a Wrap when the time is over.
  • I will use sentipl's Hive random comment picker to pick the winner.
  • Upvote and Follow are not a requirement but will be greatly appreciated
  • I don't make any strict rule, but please don't push your luck by doing cheats or outsmarting rules
  • Whether you win or not, you must have fun from this Giveaways

The winner will be announced on the next post, The Woo is Yours #024.


WOO stands for WRESTLING ORGANIZATION ONLINE, It's a play to earn TCG with Wrestling as their core theme. The game has not been released yet so you can check their roadmap below:

Woo Roadmap.jpg

If you want to deep dive about this game, you can check these items below:

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