Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge! Defender of Truth


This week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge focuses on a Life Splinter card from the Alpha / Beta era - The Defender of Truth.

The Defender of Truth is a card that I never used till this challenge. I never got it in my alpha and beta packs and honestly, it is quite a weak card at level 1. So for today's challenge, I rented a card from the market

Theme of the Week: Defender of Truth


The rules and my setup

Holy Protection | Noxious Fumes
99 Mana Cap


Summoner: Tyrus Paladium - To use Kralus as part of the life splinter
Position 1: Shieldbearer - Absorb the attacks from my opponent
Position 2: Sacred Unicorn - Self healer to negate the poison damage
Position 3: Prismatic Energy - High health and helps to reflect the magic attacks
Position 4: Kralus - Immunity from poison is a massive advantage
Position 5: Sand Worm - To take out opponents cards at the back
Position 6: Defender Of Truth - do some magic damage and provide some shield at the back

Did my strategy work?

My strategy was to outlast my opponent thanks mainly to the Sacred Unicorn and Kralus. The rest of the cards were to absorb attacks and also take out opponent's cards at the back in case he had any one with healing or immunity at the back. The strategy worked rather well as you can see in the battle replay.

Round 1: Shieldbearer and opponent's robodragon take most of the damage but all the cards are still on the battlefield.
Round 2: My Shieldbearer and Sacred Unicorn are killed but my opponent has all his cards left. Defender of Truth is killed by the poison at the end of the round.
Round 3: By the end of the round, I am only left with Kralus while my opponent still has 4 cards left although 3 of them have 3 health or less.
Round 4: Poison helps to take out my opponent's weak health cards while Kralus remains immune
Round 5: Poison leaves us down to Kralus and Almo Cambio by the end of the round.
Rounds 6 - 11: A matter of Kralus slowly killing Almo Cambio round by round.

Would I do anything differently?

My opponent's Roboknight rendered all my 1 magic attacks useless. I would have maybe used one of my 3 range attacks like the Silvershield Sheriff instead. But of course, this is only obvious in hindsight.

My thoughts on the Defender of Truth

The Defender of Truth is a fairly weak card at level 1. As we saw in the battle, its one magic attack was of no use against an opponent with the Void ability. Its life and shield are also not very high but it is relatively fast with 3 speed and can get its attacks off for at least one round before being picked off.

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