Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge! Wood Nymph!


This week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge is focusing on the Wood Nymph. The Wood Nymph is a card that I like to play especially after leveling it up to level 4 which raises its health to 3 and speed to 3 as well.

Theme of the Week: Wood Nynmph


The rules and my setup

Super Sneak | Taking Sides
32 Mana Cap


Summoner: Mylor Crowling - extra thorns damage from melee attacks
Position 1: Kron The Undying - self healing tank with 3 magic damage
Position 2: Oaken Behemoth - reach melee and magic attack
Position 3: Wood Nymph - heal the tank
Position 4: Fungus Fiend - 0 mana buffer space
Position 5: Hill Giant - low mana but high health card to absorb sneak damage at the back

Did my strategy work?

Yes, the strategy worked quite well as you can see in the replay of the battle.
My strategy was to rely on the double healing by both Kron and the Wood Nymph while outlasting my opponent and doing retaliatory thorns damage.

Round 1: No monsters are killed on either side but my opponent's tank has taken a beating. Thanks to healing, Kron is still standing
Round 2: Kron survives thanks to an early heal by the Wood Nymph. My opponent is down to two cards while I still have all of mine on the battlefield.
Round 3: The early healing done by the Wood Nymph saves Kron again and he does 3 magic damage on the way to finishing off my opponent.

Would I do anything differently?

The overall strategy of using a self-healing tank and a tank healer worked pretty well in this case because of the difference in speed. Not much I would have changed without knowing my opponent's lineup in advance. Perhaps more magic damage cards would have killed my opponent faster instead of the Hill Giant.

My thoughts on the Wood Nymph

The Wood Nymph is one of my favorite tank healer cards given that it does 1 magic damage right from level 1 unlike some of the other healer cards which don't offer any attack till you level them up.

Another thing to like about the Wood Nymph once you level it up is that you can time your heals to the start of the round before your tank takes even more damage in the round. A level 4 is good enough for Gold in my opinion but you would probably want a level 6 for Diamond and beyond.

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