Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge! Dragons!


This week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge is focusing on the Dragon Splinter. I'm not a big Dragon Splinter player. Usually I skip the Dragon quest but that's because I never focused on building up my Dragon cards when I started playing

Theme of the Week: Dragons!


The rules and my setup

Healed Out | Lost Legendaries
48 Mana Cap


Summoner: Delwyn Dragonscale for his magic attack boost
Position 1: Djinn Chwala - Thorns ability to damage melee attackers
Position 2: Phantom Soldier - Flying ability and quick
Position 3: Boogeyman - Slow down my opponent
Position 4: Sand Worm - Heavy sneak damage
Position 5: Soul Storm - Heavy range damage
Position 6: Fire Spitter - Quick range damage

Did my strategy work?

Yes, by slowing my opponent and using quick attacks, I was able to overpower my opponent fairly easily.

Round 1: My opponent's tank is taken out and thanks to the flying ability, 2 of my opponent's attacks missed the Fire Spitter and Phantom Soldier.
Round 2: Opponent is down to 3 cards while I have only lost Djinn Chwala. He is already on the backfoot here.
Round 3: Quick attacks by the Soulstorm and Fire Spitter followed by heavy attack of the Sand Worm and my opponent is done for before the final blow of the Boogeyman.

A quick three round battle and I have won this one thanks to the not using a specific type of attack but all three.

Would I do anything differently?

Overall, I think by having a good blend of speed, attack power as well as type of attack, I was able to not get weakened by my opponent. The speed of the Fire Spitter and Soul Storm also made a big difference. It is hard to get the perfect lineup without knowing the opponent's cards in advance and I think I did alright here.

My thoughts on the Dragon Splinter

The Dragon Splinter has some powerful cards like the Gold Dragon, Diamond Dragon and Lightning Dragon. What really sets it apart for me though is how highly valued the cards are:


If we look at the market, 10 of the top 20 most expensive cards are Dragon Splinter cards. If you get a good one in your rewards or pack openings, they would probably be a good card to hold.

One of my big regrets was crushing a Gold Foil Black Dragon to get 75000 DEC back in the day. That would have been worth around $4,000 in today's market. Silly me.

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